The THEFTEX alarm tarpaulin®

Effective protection against tarpaulin slitting


Intelligent. Around the clock. Highly effective.

Copper wires incorporated into our alarm plan protect the delivery in a simple yet intelligent way. The wires form a fine electrical network. If they are cut, the control technology recognises this and triggers an alarm – both an acoustic alarm and an alarm via SMS and e-mail.

The alarm plan can be produced with different materials. Together with our production partner, TFP Technology GmbH, we are able to produce individual solutions from a variety of textiles for the most diverse requirements and areas of application. The necessary power supply works independently of the on-board power supply of the truck – and lasts for many years.

Alarm tarpaulin®
for truck trailers

Complete solutions for truck bodies made of various materials. On request also reinforced with Kevlar or also for fixed box bodies.

Palette Alarmplane

Alarm tarpaulin®
for pallets

Effective theft protection even on a smaller scale – our solution for individual pallets. If you need to protect valuable goods but do not use your own fleet.

Alarm tarpaulin®
for roll containers

The alarm tarpaulin is also available for roll containers – individually manufactured with additional options such as zips and viewing pockets.