Digital and networked protection of valuable goods
in complex logistics chains


Equipped with AutoID for all cases.

AutoID is our complete solution for tracking and protecting valuable goods in complex logistics chains. With AutoID, the entire transport route of your goods can be tracked – from dispatch and transit to the recipient. For single goods and large shipments.

Depending on the design of the system, Theftex AutoID can locate individual goods within different zones at the sender or recipient – if desired with an accuracy of a few centimeters. In this way it is possible to document completely and precisely where the goods are at the moment.


Auto ID automatically recognizes the goods and can thus assign them to the destination and recipient. With the help of passive and active components, the current location is clearly identified – even without stationary installations. Access to local networks is not absolutely necessary for this.


During the transport the current location is regularly transmitted and it is checked whether the shipment is still complete. The transfer is done via LPWAN directly to AutoID.


Arrivals and departures at a warehouse are automatically detected by the system and customer-specific statuses (e.g. empties, full containers) are recorded.

Indoors, various zones such as goods receipt, picking and goods issue can be measured with centimetre accuracy.