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We have decided to use as our new default search engine. Ecosia uses the profits from advertising revenue to plant trees where they are needed. Take this simple step. Together for a greener future.

Today there was the release of our Theftex App in the App Store. Google Play will follow in the next days. With the Theftex App you can have our customer portal in your pocket.


We always put our equipment through its paces. We were last allowed to test on a ship, 6 meters under the water surface in the hull of the ship: Successfully. Even surrounded by tons of steel and water, our Theftex IoT Tracker sends its position data to the Theftex Portal. Many thanks to Wallenius Wilhelmsen ( for these outstanding test results.


We have realized the first successful implementation of our tracking data at Project44 ( This allows Project44 customers to easily integrate our IoT Trackers into their existing system.

Besides the purchase of CO2 certificates at AtmosFair we have initiated a cooperation with the city of Geestland. Thus we are not only a CO2 neutral company, we are also pioneers to further climate protection projects in our home country. If you would like to support innovative climate protection projects of Satdt Geestland, please contact Ms. Thomas directly at

The Theftex Portal is now available as an App for your Desktop (Mac and Windows). Please request your personal Link.


What is our IoT Asset Tracker made for?