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Once installed – permanently active

The Theftex alarm system (formerly Alarmplane) is available in heights of 100cm and 150cm. The applied cables are available in grid sizes of 15x15cm, 10x10cm and 5x5cm each.

In addition to increased cut resistance (for example through partial Kevlar reinforcement), Theftex leads to a significantly higher level of security as the goods can no longer be stolen from the trucks without getting noticed by the driver. It is of key importance that the drivers are given the opportunity to take themselves to safety and not be at the mercy of the perpetrators while they are asleep.

Because Theftex works independently of the truck's on-board power supply, it can also be used in intermodal transports and, of course, in Wecnsel bridges. The battery power is approximately 12 years, independently of an external power source.

The Theftex alarm system is simply welded onto the existing tarpaulin. The full installation takes about 90 minutes. The flexibility of the tarpaulin is not significantly impaired due to the total weight of about 22 KG.

Facts overview

Available segment height is selectable between 100cm and 150cm
The selectable grid size is 15x15cm, 10x10cm or 5x5cm
The entire tarpaulin of your semi-trailer is cut-resistant due to the Kevlar reinforcement
Due to its own power supply it can also be used with tarpaulin trailers and swap bodies
In the event of an alarm being triggered, you will be informed conveniently by SMS and e-mail
The intelligent power supply leads to a battery life up to 12 years