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IoT GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking without SIM card? Yes! Our cutting edge IoT based Tracking Device works without any sim cards. All cost for Data communication is covered with the purchasing or leasing of the product. 

Recharging the battery is not needed aswell. We are using the most energy efficient communication technology in the world. Sending 1 SMS from a smartphone needs the same amount of energy that our device needs to send out 1000 locations.

Once the device is in motion, the location becomes transmitted every 15 minutes. 

The Theftex customer portal offers a lot of functionalities like Geo Fencing, Sensordata Export (Humidity, Temperature, Pressure,..) and a lot more.

Useable for Asset Tracking like in vehicles, trucks, trailers, caravans, boats, bikes,... the small size of 6,5x6x3,5cm leads to nerly unlimited usecases. 

Facts overview

Battery driven lifetime (without re-charging): up to 15 years (3 years with the standard battery pack)
Monthly Data cost: 0,- Euro
Configuration: via THEFTEX App or Theftex Customer Portal
API Download: available