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Theftex & Sustainanility

The issue of CO2 emissions is omnipresent. As a company, we have dealt intensively with this issue and drawn up a CO2 balance sheet. 

Through customer appointments by plane and car, employee trips, office operations, IT, paper consumption, etc., we produce an average of 54 tonnes of CO2 annually. We have decided to completely compensate this consumption by a voluntary subscription with the company Atmosfair.

By the compensation of 4,510 kg CO2 monthly we reach the status of a CO2 neutral company. 

If you have any questions on the subject of environmental protection at GmbH, please contact our Sustainability Officer, Mrs. Laura Kristin Fitschen, at sustainability @ theftex . com .

More Information about the projects:


Sustainable only through CO2 certificates? Not with us!

Companies can buy a "clear conscience" by purchasing CO2 certificates. This is a nice start, but definitely not enough for us! 

We decided to work together with the city of Geestland (winner of the German Sustainability Award 2018 and our headquarters, ) on joint environmental projects. The aim is not only to leave a "green footprint", but also to set a good example and encourage other companies to participate. The small contribution of many individuals can make a big difference.

We would be delighted if you would also get in touch directly with Ms. Thomas (Sustainability Officer of the City of Geestland) at Sonja.Thomas @ geestland . eu on the subject of sustainability.