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Protected by ProTraX

Safer than the Amen in the church.

ProTraX is our new security software that is ready for almost any kind of surveillance. With ProTraX it is possible to document security and object protection activities completely and safely. This offers security on both sides: In this way, security services can record their work with binding effect and clients can be sure that all necessary steps have been reliably completed.

The idea is simple: clients, such as freight forwarders, can define specific tasks for securing their goods. For example, the security staff can be instructed at what time intervals a photo of the goods should be taken, a certain job should be done or the status should be documented. The type of tasks is freely selectable. Using the app, the employee can do everything conveniently and 100% traceably. His position, the respective time and other data are automatically logged.

In the portal, in turn, all work steps are stored just as traceable and secure. ProTraX is not only suitable for securing transports but also for monitoring buildings.