For us, the future is not just our business.
It is also our responsibility.


But genuine commitment.

We not only take the issue of sustainability seriously, but are actively committed to making our services and products as climate-neutral as possible. A conscious approach to the environment is firmly anchored in our company.

Through customer visits and other trips by plane, train and car, we produce around 54 tons of CO2 annually.

Through our partnership with Atmosfair, we compensate this amount completely and thus work CO2-neutral. But for us this is only a first step. Together with Stat Geestland, where we are based, we are working on concrete sustainability projects. By the way, the city of Geestland was awarded the German Sustainability Award in 2018. You can also obtain further information from Katja Beier – she is the sustainability officer of the city of Geestland and can be contacted by e-mail ( and telephone (04743-937-1570).